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We help reshape operations with regenerative practices & systems thinking, increasing both profitability and sustainability.

Its time to experience the regenerative agriculture difference.

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Modern industrial agriculture practices aren’t working. 

  • From 2011 -2018 more than 100,000 farms & ranches failed
  • In 2019 the national debt of all farms & ranches totaled $416 Billion
  • For the past 7 consecutive years droughts have caused more than $3 Billion dollars in economic damage annually. 

Together we can build a brighter future for your farm or ranch operation

Why choose Moretti BioAg as your Agricultural Consultants? 

We get Results ! 

up to 80% 

Reduction in Irrigation Needs

up to 160% 

Increased Crop Production

up to 100% 

Reduced Chemical Inputs

up to 50% 

Lower Livestock Care Costs

“We were in a 5 year drought and our ranch was in serious trouble. Our pastures weren’t keeping up with our stock, we were getting one third the hay crop we normally got and we were about to go belly up.  Hiring an agricultural consultant from Moretti BioAg saved our family’s ranch. In just 3 years we were able to increase stocking rates, reduce overhead and inputs, see a 20% drop in disease and health issues, and diversify our ranches revenue streams leading us to a 14% higher profit margin on our stock and adding $60,000 a year in revenue to our operation from new revenue streams. Going into our fourth year, while ranches in our community are failing at the highest rate we have ever seen due to drought, we’re experiencing our most profitable year in history. It wouldn’t have been possible without the consultant from Moretti BioAg. “

–Frank Stratton

Pasture Management


Cropland Management 


Livestock Management


Business Development


Stop paying for expensive inputs!

Chemicals and fertilizers continue to make up the largest part of agricultural operations’ annual expenditures. The USDA reported in a 2022 study that chemical and fertilizer inputs made up an average of 28.9% of agricultural operations’ annual operating expenses. 

There’s a better way to manage your agricultural operation. Our regenerative agriculture consultants can help you to lower your chemical and fertilizer inputs by up to 100% while increasing your yields by up to 160%. There is no magical chemical to buy, no miracle elixir to sell, we simply teach you how to better manage your land by working with nature the way it was intended to be.  



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