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In a yield driven production agricultural system you have only one metric, and that’s yield. It doesn’t matter if you measure it in bushels per acre, pounds, carrying capacity for livestock, you pick, it’s all about more. More land, more bushels, more pounds, more head per acre stocking rate etc.. You, your father, your grandfather, nearly every Rancher or Farmer since the 1930’s has been lead to believe that if you just produce more you will make more money.  

Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are more regenerative farmers and ranchers in this country today than there has been since the great depression and the numbers are in. Regenerative corn / soy farmers making DOUBLE the profits with 20% less yield than their tillage and agrichemical counterparts. These aren’t outliers, this is the norm for regenerative Ag. Regenerative Ranchers making 3 times more profit per acre and 18% higher profit per head compared to their industrial agriculture counterparts. Again, these aren’t outliers, this is the norm with regenerative agriculture. 

Commercial & Industrial farms and ranches are going belly up at a rate of over 16,000 per year in the united states. Regenerative agricultural operations are increasing in profitability on average of 5% to 20% per year and growing in number daily.

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